Great Portrait is all about helping you create portrait photos that make you look good.

To help you arrive at that happy place, let’s answer some questions you may have:

iPhone and iPod touch?

Yup, the Great Portrait app works on all iPhone and iPod touch with both a front and rear facing camera (iPhone 4, 4S and 5, iPod touch fourth and fifth generation). Sorry, no Android device support yet.

I don’t have an iPhone, can you buy me one?


What is the science behind Great Portrait?

Serious and peer reviewed. Big data analysis of social network profile photos tells us the ‘good enough’ snapshot is wildly popular. Aesthetic analysis tells us that many of these snapshots are in fact not very good. Finally, socio-economic surveys suggest a high correlation between not very good profile snapshots and lower net worth. Ergo, you need to fix this.

Must I read the tips?

Think of Great Portrait as equal parts tool and book. That sounds exciting, right? Regardless, here’s what we’re getting at – the app does some useful things to make the picture look good, but figuring out where the light should come from is critical and that information is in the tips.

I don’t have any friends, is this a problem?

Heck no, it’s way easier taking a self-portrait. Either hold or prop up your iPhone/iPod touch and use the self timer with multiple photos setting. It’s good to be independent.

Where’s the Electric ’69 filter?

We’re talking professional looking portrait photos. We love Electric ’69 as much as we love NYC/DiscoTones. It’s just not likely to help you land your next job.

I wonder if you guys have a video?

Well, yes we do. And we’re proud to say that it’s fully smell-o-vision compliant.

Will you be adding more poses?

Yup. Stay tuned.

I have two heads, what should I focus on?

We’re not sure if this is a joke or serious photography question. Are you perhaps pulling one of our three legs?

What about my privacy?

We don’t collect or sell any of your personal data. Especially not your portrait photos.



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