Deckchair Software was founded in 2012 by brothers Paul Ames and Christopher Ames.

The idea came at a time Paul was focused on building out his LinkedIn profile. For some reason, the snapshot Paul had carefully selected for his profile photo was roundly criticized for doing little to enhance his image.

After a few months of hard graft, Deckchair Software launched Great Portrait, an iPhone, iPod touch app that helps everyday photographers create great portrait photos.

Paul Ames

Paul started his career, bright eyed and bushy tailed, building products and technology teams in London. After working his way through the Midwest and NYC he settled in Menlo Park, California, a little older and wiser, where he crafted the software for Great Portrait.

Christopher Ames

Chris is a consultant engineer and an accomplished photographer. He conceived and photographed the poses in Great Portrait using his iPhone 4 from his home in Antibes, France.



Deckchair Software, creator of Great Portrait